Run Raspberry From USB Flashdisk

How to install RASPBIAN on a usb flash drive.

    First, SD card for the boot section and must format it FAT32 and rename it into " boot "

copy all of the files from the usb drive to root of sd card 

Edit the cmdline.txt file On the SD card, change /dev/mmcblkp2 to /dev/sda2 and save the file.

Now the rundown : both usb and sdcard in the pi and boot

     b.go thru the setup and let the installation take place

     c.After installtion is complete and your at the home screen open the terminal

     d. sudo fdisk /dev/sda p than enter, take note of what block sda2 starts with, mine was 133120 d than enter, 2  than enter, this will delete the second partition n than enter, this will create the new partition process p for primary partiton, than enter 2, than enter you will see the first sector,now type in the block number you took note of earlier mine was 133120 and hit enter you will the end sector, here just choose the default by pressing enter type w than enter, this will write the partiton will see a message about the kernel yaddah yaddah, just ignore this. Now reboot the system.

     o.After the system reboots, open the terminal and type sudo resize2fs /dev/sda2 and press enter. 

     p.After the resizing process run df -h to make sure it has resized.

     q. run sudo blkid, locate /dev/sda2 and look for the uuid=with random numbers

     r.copy the uuid= with random numbers

     s. sudo nano /etc/fstab 

     t.replace /dev/sda2 with the uuid you copied, and remove the " " if there are any.
     the line should look like this, UUID= AND WHAT EVER THE NUMBERS ARE the numbers are unique to the device, save the file 

     u. reboot

     v.after reboot check the file, cat /etc/fstab

The universal unique identifier (UUID), is a unique number that  the file systems table will identify during boot. This should take care of the booting issuses while rebooting with another flash drive attached.