Step for Cable Modem Linksys Router WRT54G Clone for FastNEt (English Version)

I would assume your Internet provider have set up the need environment, as in you already have a cable modem which is connected to your computer and your computer can already browse the internet.

here’s what you need to do next.

  • Turn of everything (cable modem by plugging off the power cable and your computer)
  • Disconnect the UTP cable from PC
  • Establish your Router near the cable modem and plug the UTP cable from the cable modem on to the router
  • Have another UTP cable, and plug it in on the router and the PC (see the picture below for more details)
  • All done? Turn everything on again (well, plug the power :D)
    Here’s the picture:

    Warning: Further configuration would be specifically for Linksys Router, for other brands, please consult to the respective user guide.Next, Use the first computer that’s previously setup by your Internet Provider then open your Internet Browser and go to, you will be asked for a username and password. Enter the password: admin and leave the username blank. You will encounter this page:

    Now, first things first. Go to Setup > MAC Address Clone and press Clone Your PC’s MAC Address. Why are we doing this? Because most Internet Provider records our MAC Address for monitoring or other purposes.For your setup, go to Setup (still in your browser) and enable DHCP. By activation DHCP, any computer can have their IP Address given automatically so they wouldn’t need further settings.Ok, that’s it for sharing internet connection with cables. You can try it by connecting 2 or more computers to the router and access the internet. If you want to share wirelessly? Read on.

    Shareless Wirelessly

    Ok, here’s what you need to do, go back on accessing from your browser and go to Wireless Menu.

    user these settings:

  • Wireless Network Mode: Mixed
  • Wireless Network Name: (put any name you want)

Go to the Wireless Security menu and set the Security Mode to disabled (We’ll discuss the security issue later).

Ok, you’re all set. Try to access your network wirelessly using your Laptop or any WiFi enabled computer.

Can you access the shared internet connection? good, now head over to the Security Menu and set the security mode to WPA, set the Shared Key as a Password that you need to fill when you want to access the shared internet connection.

Why do we need to set a password for it? so that our neighbors can’t steal our internet connection P

Ok, that’s it for the tutorial, hope it helps.

I’ve received quite a massive amount of instant message and emails regarding this article and I just wanted to say that If you have a problem with my tutorial, then please address the problem instead of giving me a generic one like I can’t do it, please help. I am not a mind reader or God, so please tell me in where your problem is.

And one more thing, some emails and comments (after reading my article) are asking this: I can’t do it, please email me the way. Well, this IS the guide, what do you want me to email you with!?!?!


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